photo by Anna M. Maynard

photo by Anna M. Maynard

Taylor White (1985 - ) is an internationally acclaimed producer of fine pictorial convention. Since earning her BFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, her active mark-making pursuit has taken her from Norway to Australia, Europe and beyond. Taylor is recognized across the continents for her unique, expressive fluidity and bold, delicate rendering, creating kinetic expressions across static surfaces. Exploring the mysteries of human nature, the movement of energies and the alchemy of emotion, White’s work is an unending pursuit of the delicate harmony that exists in that sweet spot between order and chaos. 

White’s adaptation of a primordial drive to create visual delicacies has allowed her expansive opportunities to explore different corners of the world. In 2007 she began contributing her efforts to acclaimed Oslo-based advertising agency TRY/Apt, as the first and only full-time illustrator hired in a Norwegian agency at the time. 

Three years later her choice to pursue painting brought her to Australia, where she found a new kind of success traversing the textures of urban environments, furnishing the streets and galleries of Melbourne with her uniquely haunting, expressive portraits of forlorn youth.

Her ever-evolving work has since been recognized in cities far and wide from Melbourne to Berlin, LA, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit. She has contributed to events for Just Another Agency, Analogue/Digital, Foreign Brothers, ABV, 1xRun, and SCOPE Miami Beach.

White currently occupies studio space in Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA.

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